Fleeting Nature of Money – 2

Money is something that almost every person I know strives for, including me. Money is what we use to purchase groceries, gasoline, and clothes. Money is used to donate to the church, and money is used to fund wars. If you don’t get money, eventually you will use up all your money, spending it all just so you can live (i.e. you have to eat). Even the celebrations that we choose to have to encourage others’ achievements cost money. Just think about this girl who had a party bus rented out for her graduation from high school.

Look at the many people who have extravagant dinners and food choices thrown out for them because they took the company towards record highs! Money comes and it must go or else you will be left spending all your money away by default. The only way to avoid this is to have enough money making money for you, so that you will never have to worry about the reality that befalls you! Unless you spend your time doing something that would be foolish, you will not have to worry much.

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Fleeting Nature of Money

Money is something that isĀ  goes around and around and around. Not only is it something that people strive to attain, it is something that people strive to depart. This thought occurred to me while I noticed a dentist giving money to an ice cream shop for some ice cream. This dentist not only worked extremely hard to earn that money, but he spent it just like that. The client that paid the dentist for the dental work got their money from a job. That job obtained its money from sales of a product or taxpayer dollars. Regardless, the dentist ended up obtaining the money and giving it to the ice cream shop, which may go to pay the ice cream worker, causing the cycle to start again.

Senior couple on the airport with waiting limousine
Senior couple on the airport with waiting limousine

I always find it interesting that money is so sought after, but needs to be spent. Check this out. With much money, there is the “security” or “freedom” necessary to pay for important things without reference to limited resources. There is also the increased capacity to do things that were otherwise prohibited, due to your limited funds or your limited state of mind (due to feeling limited just because your funds were not large). For example, when I dreamed about one million dollars, I dreamed about things I could do with that one million dollars as well as keeping the one million dollars. For example, I would not have one million dollars to spend on liabilities that would rob me of my millions. Such is the case with rich people who blow their wealth on extravagant vehicles and houses, only to end up on the streets once their wealth is gone.

In my case, I dream of investing that money, so that I could make higher returns on my money. Then, with that cash flow, I could use that to buy some things that were more liabilities but would not break my bank, since they were paid for with cash flow. As much as I would rather want to purchase my constant whims, I personally like the challenge of partitioning my money towards resources that will allow me to become smarter. On the process of becoming rich, I will truly become a man that can manage his money in order to make more money.

Special thanks to Robert Kiyosaki and his rich dad for teaching me this lesson.

Fleeting Nature of College

For some, college is the best thing on the planet. You are recently gone from home, for those of you that went long distances to go to college, you are independent, you have a plethora of options that you can do at your will, and there are many attractive people on campus. I would say attractive girls, but for the females, they are attracted to attractive guys :). Needless to say, college is where many people hope to become care-free so that they end up doing whatever they want, without thinking of the consequences. This freedom has both its cons and its pros, but it is up to the individual to learn and decide which choice he or she is to take.

One thing people fall for in college is the allure of women (for men). There are so many beautiful women who all just want to get married; therefore, he can spend his time exploring his options with his future wife, or just fool around (in case he does not want to get married). This ends up leading to some very dire end results, such as pregnancies (which are not bad, but can ruin some people’s futures, especially the baby’s). The baby’s future can be ruined, because the baby will not have the full support of the parents. Because the parents (college students) will not be able to fully financially support the baby, the baby will end up living a suffered life, even though it is not his/her fault. It will also be bad for the parents, because their college experience might be ruined.

Another thing would be the freed experience of choosing to go to class. Many students choose to flee from class, although it is your best investment. Investing in your future is the best thing that one can do for themselves, which is the purpose of school. When you go to school since you are six years old and then leave college when you are 22 years old,, that adds up to 17 years of schooling! 22 – 6 = 16 years old. Add in the entire year of the age of six, that adds up to 17 years old. Needless to say, when you choose to ditch school, you choose to squander your investment years. Your scholarship money is used to invest into your future, not buy you a car that is not necessary for you.

Another flaw is the reluctance to talk to parents. Your parents rose you, and many people feel the need to reject the advice that their parents gave. Some students decide to disregard the curfew that they used to have before they came. Some students decide to start sleeping around with random people, although they would be so scared to do it in their parents house. Some decide to let their grades slip, because they do not have their parents beating down on their necks to keep a respectable grade point average (GPA). Even though this happens, do not let this happen to you or your child! Squandering your investments, your money and your time, is one of the worst things you could do to set yourself up for failure in the future! Read on for more….